Seamlessly Accept, Manage, and Complete Your Appraisal Orders

Streamline your appraisal process with a unified platform – from order acceptance to report submission, all in one place.

Appraisals Reimagined


Manage your order workflow on a single dashboard

Schedule inspections, communicate, submit reports and more with a single dashboard.



Accept appraisal orders with a click

Receive and accept orders from client systems on a single click.

ValueLink Connect - Accept appraisal orders with a click


Manage multiple orders simultaneously

All your clients synced in a single app enabling you to manage all your appraisal orders at a single place.



Streamline order workflows & complete your order

The ability to schedule inspections, communicate with clients, and submit reports from the same screen.

ValueLink Connect - Use Cases

Transform Your Appraisal Workflow with Connect

Access All Through Your Phone

Never miss any order

Receive your orders on the go.

Real-time notifications

Stay in the know, as it happens.

Communicate with ease

Receive and respond to messageswhile in the field.

Synced up, stress-free

Effortlessly manage your time with our calendar syncing feature.