Seamlessly Accept, Manage, and Complete Your Appraisal Orders

Streamline your appraisal process with a unified platform – from order acceptance to report submission, all in one place.

Financial Management Simplified 


Eliminate the need for scattered invoices and spreadsheets

Connect simplifies your appraisal finances by handling both income and expenses in one centralized platform. 

Eliminate the need for scattered invoices and spreadsheets


Automated Invoice Generation 

Save time and effort by generating invoices automatically upon completion of an appraisal order.

Automated Invoice Generation 


Streamlined Payment Processing

Track payment status and reconcile accounts receivables efficiently.


Real-Time Financial Visibility

Monitor outstanding invoices, track overdue payments, and identify any discrepancies with financial reports. 

Real-Time Financial Visibility

Transform Your Appraisal Workflow with Connect

Access All Through Your Phone

Never miss any order

Receive your orders on the go.

Real-time notifications

Stay in the know, as it happens.

Communicate with ease

Receive and respond to messageswhile in the field.

Synced up, stress-free

Effortlessly manage your time with our calendar syncing feature.