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We understand the challenges that appraisers like you face every day. That’s why we created a platform that streamlines the appraisal process, making it easier and faster for you to get the job done. Connect by ValueLink dates back to 2016, sparked by the vision of creating a centralized appraisal management platform for appraisers like you!

Connect streamlines your workflow through a unified interface, freeing you from juggling multiple platforms. Enjoy the freedom to receive, process, and deliver orders seamlessly. Beyond efficiency, Connect opens doors to 300+ lenders and AMCs, simplifying payments and expanding opportunities.

For you, it eases administrative challenges, allowing a focus on property valuation. With a growing customer base and a commitment to improvement, Connect is set to revolutionize the real estate appraisal industry—one order at a time.

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Farrukh Omar

COO & Founder

Aqil Ahmed

SVP Operations

Bill Omar

SVP Client Relations

Our Network of 300+ Lenders and AMCs Spans Across the Entire United States

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