Why Connect?

Choose Connect to transform your appraisal management and experience unparalleled efficiency, mobility, and business growth.

Connect: Transforming Your Workflow

Manual appraisal processes mean wasted time and missed opportunities. Yet, many appraisers continue to struggle with manual tasks, disconnected systems, and eventually lose orders.

Connect by ValueLink is here to revolutionize the way you manage your appraisal orders through a comprehensive solution that streamlines your workflow and empowers your appraisal business.

A Holistic Solution for Appraisers 

Unified Platform to Connect and Work With 300+ Clients

Receiving appraisal orders from clients is always about your network.

Connect helps you get exposure to over 300 lenders and AMCs, giving you access to a wide range of appraisal opportunities to grow your business.

Connect enables you to:

Access 300+ lenders and AMCs, expanding your appraisal opportunities.

Connect your skills with a wider market to fuel your appraisal business.

Submit and manage orders easily with Connect’s user-friendly platform.

Single Sign-on to Manage All Your Appraisals!

We understand that working with multiple clients and managing your appraisal orders on each of their platforms is never easy.

So, we came up with an appraisal management software that gives you centralized access to all your orders from a single login.

Connect gives you one convenient location to: 

✅ View and manage all your orders.

✅ Track all order statuses on one dashboard

✅ Communicate with clients and lenders


Complete Your Appraisal Orders in a Few Clicks

Managing appraisal orders manually can be a headache! Connect automates and simplifies the entire appraisal order process, from order acceptance to report delivery. With Connect, you can:

Connect gives you one convenient location to: 

✅ Receive orders electronically from lenders and AMCs

✅ Receive orders electronically from lenders and AMCs

✅ Upload and manage all appraisal documentation

✅ Generate and deliver accurate reports on time

Manage Orders on the Go and Never Miss Any Updates!

Appraisals are not only done in an office; you need to be out in the field to appraise. To stay connected with your clients, you need more than just desktop applications.

Connect’s mobile app gives you the power to manage your appraisal orders from anywhere. With the Connect mobile app, you can:

✅ Upload and manage documentation

✅ Communicate with clients and lenders

✅ Track the status of your orders

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

Empower Your Appraisal Business with Connect

Access All Through Your Phone

Never miss any order

Receive your orders on the go.

Real-time notifications

Stay in the know, as it happens.

Communicate with ease

Receive and respond to messageswhile in the field.

Synced up, stress-free

Effortlessly manage your time with our calendar syncing feature.